Why Get Treated

couple sleeping peacefully in mckinney tx

While snoring may not seem like a big problem (at least not to the snorer), there are very important reasons to get treated.  Up to 50% of the population is sleep deprived.  Sleep apnea is a critical health issue for those who suffer from it.   The effects, although not often immediately obvious,  can be serious and even life threatening.

Untreated sleep apnea can lead to the following consequences and health risks:

  • Decreased life expectancy- as much as 10-15 years off of your life!
  • 7X more likely to have an automobile accident
  • 3X more likely to develop high blood pressure
  • 3X more likely to have a stroke
  • Diabetes, and weight gain are linked to sleep apnea
  • Poor job performance from daytime fatigue
  • Exhaustion, moodiness, difficulty concentrating
  • Memory Loss
  • Sleep deprivation for your spouse or partner
  • Chronic headaches and jaw pain

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