Cecil had a snoring problem. Not only did his wife tell him about it, he knew he wasn’t getting a good night’s sleep. Then Dr. Hui, asked him if he snored. “He could tell by looking at my tongue.” Dr. Hui made a custom oral appliance for Cecil to wear each night and the results were astounding. “I never imagined my dentist would discover something that affected my health so much,” Cecil says. “He’s not only the best dentist I’ve ever been to, but he has improved my overall well being.”




Bryan H., McKinney, was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2008 and had Pillar implants placed in his palate by an ENT, tried without success to wear a CPAP machine, and was considering another surgery when he saw Dr. McDavid, who made him a custom oral appliance. “I can’t sleep without it now,” Bryan says. “Even if I start to nap on the couch, I’ll wake myself up snoring.” Bryan admits he was skeptical that an appliance could so dramatically change his life, but it has. “Everything improved after I started using the device.”